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The Keep it cards will be displayed in the form & size of a business card at convenient locations such as hotels, shopping malls and other such high traffic areas.

Keep it cards content will be direct, simple, informative and fun, put together in an interesting message or promotional idea.

Keep it - Benefits

Without any investment host parties enjoy free value-add informative service and support for high incoming guests, visitors and shoppers, given added value in answering and guiding them on "where to go/what to do/where to buy" questions.

Put together in an accessible, easy to handle information and data for the products with possible location map the Keep it card is a very effective media tool to develop your business status, service and superiority.

Keep it - Display

The display box is housing 35 pocket for our customers product featured in harmony with your premises, in a simple elegant design box made of wood, aluminum or transparent acrylic materials.

The Keep it card will be displayed in key locations at entrances and cross circulation, high traffic areas, given the most exposure to your products.


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